Heile Welt
LP Vinyl

Less is more. When Hannes Ringlstetter writes texts, it goes from the many to the little. Reducing takes time, he says. The result: no Weltschmerz at all. Lots of real life. And substance. In a language that exposes the core of things and with the wit it takes to endure real life.His new album is called 'Heile Welt'. Meant ironically? Just a little way. The ideal world of Hannes Ringlstetter, the musician whom life and unbridled creativity has also turned into a cabaret artist, actor, TV presenter and book author, is not a smooth idyll. Somehow, it is also a place of longing for him. There are doubts, cracks, longing and the night - as well as family, supermarket cashiers and people who ruin your day with one look. In any case, he's making music that he wants to share with his audience. Pretty close. There is a lot of closeness in all the stories he tells on this album anyway. Closeness to yourself and the roaring life.
The connection comes through the unmistakable voice. She opens the window to Hannes world. Sometimes creaking like crooked pub floorboards at curfew, sometimes gentle and quiet, but always with the irresistible attraction and the sonorous richness of its bass. The lust for life in all its shades is already in the voice.
Catchy guitar melodies, large brass sections - his musical companions move close to Ringlstetter's grater. But they always leave enough space for him. In general: This is where the beneficial power of “Heile Welt” lies: The music manages without any gimmicky, potentiates the emotion, but never slips into exaggeration.
11 perfect studio titles will be released on May 7th - on CD and LP. There are also two live versions and an instrumental as bonus tracks on the CD. The LP has a fine finish and of course a download code for all 14 tracks.

Title list:

- Wo bin I
- Family
- Radl am See
- Heile Welt
- Heller Schein
- Logistiksymphonie
- Iserlohn
- Julinacht
- Hinterher
- Bleiben
- Endlich Nacht
- So bin i (live)
- Dampf (Hotel)
- Laabertal (Heimfahrt)

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